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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spike7451, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Been watching "Mummy's War" on channel 4 where Carol Thatcher vistits the Falklands.
    Interesting to see that the Civilian Falklands Island Defence Force is armed with the Steyer Aug rifle & not the L85A2.
    Are they part of the British Army,like the TA or something like Dads Army?
    (Although the Doctor is a very tasty bit of kit!)
  2. Great minds!

  3. Cheating Cnuts!!! Are they still winning the yearly Military Competition that they organise?! I seem to remember half the Grids of the next stand were totally wrong on all the British Military Teams' Instructions, yet surprise surprise the cheating inbred 'Stills' never made a checkpoint or stand navigation era and always Won!!!
  4. Oh! and P.S. Is that GingGwa chick with the spooky Green Eyes that were Greener than a big bag of Green things still in the Force?!
  5. The FIDF is a bit of an anomaly. The Falklands are a British Overseas Territory (what used to be called Crown Colonies) and the FIDF is one of the last of (what used to be termed) Colonial Auxiliary Forces - along with the Bermuda Regiment. It's funded locally and by the FCO and not directly by the MoD. It is to all intents TA, but not part of the UK Reserve Forces.

    Gibraltar, though still a 'colony', has both regular and territorial elements of the R Gib R and is funded by the MoD. The R Gib R have personnel seconded to regular battalions and train within the UK system. This may explain why the Gibraltarians use the SA80 and the FIDF use the AUG.
  6. My two thoughts exactly. Clock the rifles and the doc. Both look pleasantly efficient in their differing ways . . . . mmm
  7. They brought the steyr aug as they were the only manfacturer prepared to send a salesman to the falklands .Must have been an easy sale.Think this was back in the days when magazines were still falling off sa80 .
    Dont think it would be so easy now.
  8. Don't the BDF use M-16 and wear spam kit? Makes sense, with distance and all but still seems a little strange.
  9. Not really strange for a group of islands that have been part of the US in all but name, in so many ways for so many years.
  10. BDF as in Belize Defence force, when I was there there were a few of them with Ranger tabs on, logistically it makes sense to train with & be equipped by the septics, we couldnt supply ourelfes,we ran out of 9mm ammo for the SMGs & had to carry AR15/M16s.
  11. The Belize Defence Force do wear spam kit and use M16s. The Bermuda Regiment (not 'defence force' as I erroneously stated initially) wear DPM and use SLRs.
  12. I heard they brought sterys as they asked around and the fco did'nt realize they were ment to buy sa80 :twisted:
    like who would
  13. The Steyr was a far better choice at the time - i.e. when the SA80 was in trouble. The Bennies would always be inclined to buy British if they possibly could. And now that the SA80 is kind of sorted, I wonder what the unit cost is. I'd bet the Steyr still comes cheaper.
  14. Bermuda Regiment at Warwick Camp also had M16A2 and spent their annual camps in sunny Georgia in the USA......