F#cking Over Sherlock Holmes

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Not one, but two movies are in the works that will ' re-envision ' Sherlock Holmes..

    I can accept one piece of crap as its supposed to be a comedy - though I have grave doubts that it will be anything close to funny in the manner of that film of many years back with Robert Stevens as Holmes..

    This new flick will 'star' Sasha Baron Cohen and Will Farrell ass Holmes and Watson

    but, the second,by Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie, attempting to recover from his last flop has Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes in a new type of hero-detective in which, according to Guy, Holmes will be seen as edgy, kick-ass and tough and play up his drug use and ' other skills'...No word on who will play Watson.. a number of names have been suggested but, they have yet to make a commitment [ likely took one look at the script and passed it back holding their noses ]..

    How dumb do they have to go and make this?
  2. It may be good!

    I doubt it will be as good as "Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother" though
  3. Apparently Dr Watsons role will be taken by Paul O'Grady according to Mr Ritchie in a interview with GQ magazine playing the role as trannie
  4. Mr. Madonna has announced his cast:

    Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes??
    Jude Law as sidekick/consort Dr. Watson
    and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler...
    Guy promises an edgier, grittier more kick-ass Holmes with street cred...

    sounds like a rental/Walmart dump bin special to me.
  5. Dependson how they portray the drug use. It was a lot more open and acceptable in those days, in comparison with today.

    Curse the moderation society :D

    Incidentally, drink does not kill brain cells although it does hinder their creation. The killing of brain cells by drink was a claim made up by the above society.
  6. Robert Downey Jr's a bloody good actor. Wether the film itself will be any good is another matter. Never been a huge fan of Guy Ritchie...
  7. Well he wont need to act too hard if it's all about drug abuse will he?
  8. Saucer of cream for Miss Markintime! :twisted:
  9. It does kill brain cells. Survival of the fittest still pertains however. In the same way that the lions get the fat wheezy and weak wilderbeest, improving th ecollective strength of the herd, so alcohol gets the weak and lazy brain cells, therefore INCREASING the ability of the brain to think clearly and logically. Have you EVER had a bad idea when drunk?


    Incidentally, the old 1940s Bathil Rathbone films took staggering liberties with Conan-Doyle, but were cracking films none the less. So I will wait out and see the films.
  10. I don't wish to pull your thread off theme but Johnny Depp is about to play Tonto in a remake of the Lone Ranger. I'm sure the old red men are going to love that choice>
  11. Unless they are basing it on Warren Eliss's interpretation of The Lone Ranger, as he appeared in Planatery, I think I'll give this one a miss... :roll:
  12. anothet pull on thred - sun reports they remaking Dambusters but cant use Nigger in the film - fear of racism
  13. Which is why I wont be watching it. Make it historically correct, or fcuk off. What next plucky Americans getting the dam in the end?

    See my other post on this matter. :D
  14. dont forget they won the war single handed lol
  15. According to his his website he is 1/3 Cherokee Indian, 1/3 Irish & 1/3 German so not too far off the mark to play an red Indian :D