F*cking Nigerian Fraudsters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StabOfFire, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Just listed a phone on eBay and it sold within 20 minutes!

    Now having been through plenty of grief with fraudsters in the past, I specifically made an effort to detail that I DON'T ship abroad and I DON'T deal with people who don't have any feedback.

    Guess what....?!

    Mariah Badmos, has just bought it from me! Where does she want it shipping to? NIGERIA!!!

    How thick do these people get?
  2. happened to me a couple of times. does your head in re-listing etc. All you can do is report them, which is a waste of time, as these people have numerous accounts
  3. Don't you see the money first then before you ship??
  4. that happened to me the other week, the cnuts even sent me fake emails from paypal claiming the money was in my account! i emailed them a very pleasantly worded email back.....
  5. Its shit in Nigeria. All the locals want something for nothing, theres a "Gimme gimme gimme" attitude to everything. Lying is a way of life out there, I've never met a more arrogant and selfish society than in Nigeria. I realise it sounds a bit harsh judging an entire country in that way, but I found that by being polite, friendly and helping people out in Nigeria led to you being widely seen as weak and an easy target for demands for money.

    And dont even get me started on the women. For a country who's people often have so little, I am amazed by the arrogance so widely shown in Nigeria. Its a shit hole.
  6. Tis a shame, I run an online ebay stop selling kit (used surplus) and won't ship to Africa, nothing personal, but you'd be surprised, they'll try and scam you for anything and everything including the boxers your wearing.
  7. A very accurate summary.
  8. Nigeria, the worst African country I've been in and the most disgusting people I've ever met.
  9. Even other Africans hate them - a Kenyan once told me about a saying they have in Kenya - "If you can buy a Nigerian for what he's worth, and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, you will be a very wealthy man"!!
  10. I've never been, and actually never intend to go to Nigeria. I've heard so many other people describe it exactly the same as that.
  11. If you was ever to have a commando course in anti-fraud the booties would be hosting it in nigeria, and WESTERN UNION would form part of the modules
  12. As I like to say, "If a Nigerian told me that night followed day, I would seek a second opinion". They are scammers like no others. There are some very amusing photos at 419eater.com.
  13. I remember somebody posting that a while back.

    I genuinely had tears of laughter going reading the ANUS epic. :D

  14. Fantastic job... :D