F*cking EFR's!

Discussion in 'REME' started by CH512O, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Now im all for reporting faults etc but can whoever generates these online forms needs a good shoeing!! Limiting the amount of characters when for instance putting in address's or sub assy's etc is fustrating. And trying to fill in Box 51, as per the little pop-up box, just ends up generating random numbers! No wonder no one likes doing them!
    Is there a EFR process for the EFR form itself!!!!!
  2. Just give it to the tiffies to sort out they have f*ck all else to do than make brews for the Artisan Sgt and will only get in the way if it came to trying to spanner.Just going to grab my fishing rod and wait.
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  3. ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Just print out of the AESP 711 page/the pic of the part and the N.S.N. Highlight/draw circle round and staple to EFR. Job jobbed, never failed to impress the IP team. Saves trying to explain the part that has failed just explain why it did.
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  5. As EFR's are not solely a REME responsibility get the person that reported the fault to generate the EFR.
  6. But they ain't allowed to use crayons for it! :)
  7. CH5120 isn't REME he's an RLC Driver.
  8. Put's me in my place!
    Just not used to people reporting faults & trying to sort things out themselves.
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  9. Use JAMES instead and it will fill in the 'component report' for you automatically, job done!
  10. What's wrong with banging a tag on it that says "it's fucked"?
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  11. Actually the equipment failing is some good old fuelly stuff!
    And as its owned by KBR then they doont want you doing too much maintenance yourself so the ISPL shows:
    Item 1. Engine
    Item 2. Battery
    Item 3. Fuel Tank

    and thats it. So i have taken pics, filled in 3 EFR's and sent them this morning back to UK. The hoops just to do this with bloody restricted laptops etc, i wonder if its worth it!!
  12. There may be a trend with the failure, which will only be identified if EFR's are reported. You all know kit that ain't lasting as it should, but how many can be arrsed to report it, so it then can be looked at.

    As for EFR's being a pain todo on line, why not go back to the MK1 version, pen paper job done.
  13. 99% of the Tiffies I have worked with hadn't even heard of an EFR, how to fill it in or where to put water into the kettle to make me a brew :clown: Leave it to the Artisan to bully the Sprog JNCO into doing it 'So that he/she can learn the System' :mrgreen:
  14. :)
  15. I was generally too busy shouting at RLC punters to fill in EFR's. Anyway it used to take 2 secs on FEMIS to knock up an EFR, I couldn't trust a Tiffs attention span to last that long. My last Fitter Section Tiff was 'Weapons' so that explains a lot about the Kettle :)
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