F*cked up...need brownie points fast? 20% forces discount on silver jewellery!

Screwed up, forgotten an anniversary or birthday, need to bank some brownie points with the long-haired general? Then you need some handmade silver jewellery fast!

With a decent forces discount (20%) and free delivery what else could be better than this?

Handmade Silver Jewellery | Silver necklaces and bracelets | Solid silver bangles

Quote Coupon code STAG-ON for your forces 20% discount

Also they are still shipping for Xmas. All orders placed before 7am 22/12 will ship for guaranteed delivery Xmas Eve.


Kit Reviewer
Alternatively there's site member & ex-Blanket Stacker Baldrick's Bullet who knocks out decent kit here who provides a military discount and even extends that to the RAF !

His sister firm, Silver Necklace does a kakhuisvol for her indoors.

It should surprise nobody that an ATO will spend his spare time designing blokes' underwear.


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I notice the 7-62.com site presently states "Time to despatch: 1 week"

This is allegedly due to some Christian festival, plus the Blanket Stacker wants to nail some single malt.
The rest of the year items are despatched the same day as they're ordered.


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But the Corazon Latino discount code STAG-ON works for Crabs, Stabs and matelots too...and there is a forces connection to the company.


7-62.com doesn't only cater for the Army either.

I used to be think a sense of humour wasn't restricted to Squaddies.
Not so sure now.

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