F*cked hand..

Got spectacularly pissed 2 weekends ago, got up for a piss couldnt find the light and fell hard, 3 times!

Both elbows knack but part of my lower left forearm, my wrist and the 4th and 5th fingers on my left hand are permanently pins and needles and I have little to no strength in my left hand overall.

NHS Direct said go to A and E but **** sitting in St Mary's all night at the very arse end of the triage tree!

What is it? and what can I do to remedy it?
Sounds like you've bruised the ulnar nerve, might be worth an x-ray if it's badly swollen and bruised. Otherwise take two paracetamols every 4 hours (no more than 8 in 24 hours) and if it's no better by tomorrow come and see me.

Can you guess the name of the tune?


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Have you been to visit A&E yet they might be able to help you and the doctor might give you a sweetie :grin:
TBH, it's 2 months down the line and he's either got it squared away or he's died of the above mentioned hand aids.
I clipped the ulnar nerve at my left elbow - more slowly, though; a seam in a shooting jacket got folded over, and I was leaning that part of the elbow on the seam for a good ten minutes. The classic diagnostic test is to try and hold a sheet of paper between your little finger and ring finger :)

It took the nerve five or six weeks to grow back ~(30cm a month regrowth rate for nerve tissue, our tame medical student said) but I had full function afterwards.
Stating the obvious here, but you need to find the cause of the problem. Could be anything from a slipped disc putting pressure on nerves to banged up nerves in the elbow.

Go see a feckin quack.
Just to cheer things up, I had exactly the same symptoms, turned out to be a trapped nerve between the 6 & 7 Cervical Vertebrae but it took an MRI to find out & then physio. If that hadn't worked it meant an op with a 60/40 chance of ending up quadriplegic.

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