F@ck the neighbours

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Furryturd, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. So, we have lived here for 2 years. We have twin 2 year old toddlers so we have been busy and not able to socialise.

    I went outside at midnight after hearing a noise to be asked by all the other people in the area why we had not come to the next door neighbour's party.

    Do I burn them out or just kidnap their children and sell them to child rapists in Belgium?
  2. It was a great session

    even I was there
  3. Petrol bomb them all. :twisted:
  4. set the house on fire and blame it on a stray firework
  5. Leave a horses foot in the garden.
  6. That busty GWAR can go a bit eh?
  7. Liar...she teaches in Junior school and generally slurps crotch oyster.

    her husband is a beard.
  8. Personally I'd sooner not fcuk my neighbours, they're much too old and ugly. And they smell of garlic.
  9. Thank foook for that Scrof, because I think you live on one side of us, and the Turd on the other.
  10. Pathetic innit.
  11. Pooh into a paper bag, set fire to said bag; leave on doorstep, ring bell and bug out.
  12. That joke never gets old. :lol: :lol:

  13. Well haven;t we all fella. I've got a 3 yr old and my wife is due to drop any minurte, but I managed. Get out therre ansd meet people, you miserabler fuickler. Lifes' too short to be a hermitr.
  14. Staying in Sister-In-Laws gaff babysitting for nephew and nieces, nice semi-detached house, well was, party is still raging next door, no signs of stopping, been round once, and they turned it down (for 5 minutes) after i threatend the spotty oik, and called police, they said they're very busy, and will be round when they can. What can i do, i have all three kids in bed with Mrs Notos, and i'm down stairs pulling my (remaining) hair out.
  15. Did you explain to the others, that your neighbours hadn't actually invited you because you had been far too busy to speak to them for the last 2 years. And as you couldn't be arsed making an effort to be friendly why should they?

    you make your bed..... you lie in it