F*ck me we're famous

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spaztacus, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Finally my home town has something to be remotely famous for. I am led to believe that no other town has yet to produce a 64 year old shotgun wielding madman.Although as many visitors to Clacton on sea would agree the place looks like a set from mad max therefore this is hardly news.
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  2. Oh great...lets see the calls for banning shotguns being bounded by fuckwits.
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  3. What's the relevance of the shotgun's age? ;-)
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  4. Is the council going to put up a sign at the entrance to your town?

    "Welcome to Clacton, home of the gun toting nutter."
  5. No staying power with todays geriatrics, Gazza had barely made up his shopping list before he'd blown his brains out
  6. Last I heard it was an unlicensed handgun , cant see how as they are banned.
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  7. Shotgun was what i heard over facemytwitterbookspace
  8. With all these fucking lunatics cutting about tooled up the last thing we need is for a shotgun ban, we need free shotguns handed out by friendly old ladies outside ASDA for us to protect ourselves with.
    Most of these spineless shitheads wouldn't even think about arming themselves if there was a chance they'd end up being faced off by 2 orrible cunts in green kit shouting......prepare to move....move....keep low...lower you fucking maggot...move fast...enemy in open.......
    Would also make the news slightly more exciting.
    This is just my opinion if yours is different fuck off and don't burst my bubble....its ace living in my head.....free shotguns...Ha!!!
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  9. and another at the exit
  10. Hmmm...Gazza was a whole lotta use last time too!...:mrgreen:
  11. I used to think Clacton was a nice place; a sea-side holiday town full of happy people. I even did a season there donkey's years ago when Butlins had a place there. But not anymore. Judging by the stuff that's been in the news in the last few months, the place has gone to the dogs. I hope that Walton and Frinton don't follow suit. Essex has very few bolt holes for a bit of P & Q as it is.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Apparently PAFC fans were celebrating!
    Forensics have also managed to find several bodies at the scene!

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  13. And some of those were apparently well dug in.
  14. I went on holiday to Clacton in my flashy Hillman Hunter GL in 1986 with my then girlfriend.

    One Friday night this middle aged chap knocked on the door of our classy caravan. The blokes from our caravan site were going for a fight with the blokes from another caravan site, did I fancy some?

    I was overcome with joy, both at the friendly and unsolicited nature of the invitation and at how the community spirit still prevailed in little old Clacton.

    I declined as I had had 3 pints of snakebite and was totally pissed. I was 18.