F&C Infanteer looking to transfer to Int Corps.

Hi there,

Im currently serving with 1 R Welsh and Im looking at transferring to the Int Corps. I had a successful H16 tour and was involved in the Int cell for our CP. Does anyone have any information regarding any possible issues I may have transferring? I am from South Africa, but will qualify for citizenship in a few years. Ive only been in the UK for the past 3 years.

Many thanks
You need DV vetting, if they can't do a very thorough vetting of your background (which is often the case for f+c soldiers unfortunately) then you've shit it
I've PM'd you mucker.

DV have very specific rules and regulations, which are often broke and bent :)

Pursue your application. The worst they can do is say No. Funnily enough, the Corps are very, very keen to recruit those with a relevant J2 background (of which I had none) despite having a thoroughly non UK background (of which I am outrageously guilty).

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