Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. come on then gents lets have it out.

    what do you think of the corps now that a lot of F.A.S. has started to be implemented within the corps, are we any better off:?: :?: :?: :?:

    we all knew that we were short of manpower within the corps BUT have our selection standards for personnel dropped so that we can get the numbers up :?: :?: :?: :?:

    do you feel that we are still stretched & the the tours are still coming around with far too much regularity :?: :?: :?: :?:

    the floor is yours, voice your opinions/concerns.
  2. To be honest I cannot really answer for what it is like now but when I got out 18 months ago the reason for a lot of people leaving was the standards dropping, especially when we had about 15 SATTs in our Squadron at one time without even knowing if they were good enough to pass trade training. They even offered the people who had signed off a bounty to sign back on because the numbers were shooting down rapidly of the L/Cpl's and above.

    During Telic (1) the SATTs were not even allowed to go on tour and our Squadron was very stretched, I think out of my troop which was scaled for 26 only had 12.

    I think with the ever increasing concerns and conflicts in the Middle East recruitment will be low so they will have to lower the standards to fill the numbers then because of the ever increasing recruitment problem blokes already in will become disgruntled and sign off.

    What are your thoughts on it Knocker??
  3. I can't see why SATTs aren't allowed on tour. In the middle 90's when it was the norm the do a few years before doing your trade course you still went on tour to Bosnia or Northern Ireland. Why not now? SATTs are a bit of a pain in the arrse because they can't do much whilst waiting for their course. A lot of them can't drive, they've got no trade, they can't go on tour so all they can do is stag on, sweep hangers and be duty sapper. The SATTs then get threaders with be lumped with carp jobs and promptly signs off at the first oppertunity.
    It's good that the new sqns are being formed. Ask anyone in 8 AES what it was like supporting a brigade with 2 armoured troops, 2 field sections and a support troop. That was a howlingly busy 3 months. As far as I know both 22 and 26 are getting another field squadron, 6 and 38 HQ Sqns are changing to HQ and Support Squadrons (although I don't know what the main difference is). Given whole fleet management etc I don't know what the guys are going to do from day to day.
    26 got back from Iraq last November and they are off to Afghanistan in April 07. Hardly the 2 year gap between tours. They have guys in BATUS at the moment and a Sqn is deploying to Kenya in the next month. It doesn't appear that FAS is helping the commitment levels at the moment.
  4. i did my first tour of the province in the 80's as a b3 knocker.
  5. Thought you were going to say the 70's then Knocker!! Back then however as stated before you went to your unit before going onto to trade training a couple of years later was it not?? If you did it at all that is.
  6. i did 4+ years before i got my A2 sparks.
  7. Nothing wrong with having been in in the 70s :D (except it makes me feel very, very old...)
  8. I think it's a good thing to do a few years before going to Chatham to do your trade course. When I did my A2 Plantie course 10 out of the 15 of us had been at a normal unit. Of us 10 7 of us had been in 3 or 4 years. Less one guy (who was 27) there a difference between us 7 and the rest of the blokes on the course. Unfortunatly because the 8 of us weren't prepared to put up with the carp you normally get on your A2 we were labelled the attitude course! Now you get the guys on their A2 giving it loads of 'tude and they've been in 7 or 8 months and think they are the dogs busters!
  9. i would hope that the corps stops lowering its standards just to please the top brass with the numbers game.

    as it only reflects poorly on the corps itself when these idots, who would have never got into the corps a few years ago, feck up as they always inevitably do.

    enen though i will be leaving the corps sooner rather than later.

  10. Standards have dropped. Even the civvy's remark on it.
  11. I can first hand tell you that standards have dropped. I am one of the feckers who has to put his name to the sh*t that is coming through. No matter how hard we try or what we do, the powers that be will always pass the crap through because once they are through, it doesn't matter to them as they have achieved there number quota.

    AND, within the next couple of years there are rumours that there will be a 10 year experience gap in the trades because of the amount of cpl's and lcp's, or senior spr's ( no, 3 years is not senior!!!!!) who have signed off in the past couple of years, hence the high amount of 2 and 3 year lcpl's!!

    I know it is a little of the subject knocker, but had a bad day and needed a rant
  12. we all need a soapbox occassionally fella, let it out.

    i feel sorry for the trg staff at gib & brompton because it is purely a sausage factory as i have been informed with no chance of sorting the wheat from the chaff. :x :x :x :x
  13. I'm at bassingbourn and it is even worse, at least at Gib they can get rid of people, without some grunt major giving them a million chances to pass a weapon handling test

    anyway, what i sgoing on in Germany? Iam led to beleive that everyone in Osnabruck is moving back to blighty, Catterick i am lead to beleive. Any truth in the matter?
  14. tis true
  15. Standards have dropped in life so it is inevitable they will drop in the military. Upstanding individuals are becoming fewer so it's unlikely all those will moral fibre will join the forces. Nearly 20 years ago a friend in 2 Para said the standards had dropped so drastically that he transferred. That was mid 80s.

    If those at the top cannot set a decent example, and I mean politicians, then what hope is there for future generations? You just have to accept it.