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F-35B Performs First Take off From Amphibious Assault Ship



It's always a handy capability to have, I suppose, having landed-on a couple of days ago.


Me wants it!!! The USMC has had a hard on for this stuff since they revamped the Harrier with their AV8B. Seriously tho' this aircraft makes me want pilot's wings!!!
Planes taking off from boats is pretty cool.

I wish our military could do that. =|
Of course our military can do that. That is, they could if they had any boats. Oh, and any planes that could do that as well. Ah, well. Only lacking capability in two points so not all that bad. Of course, we can outdo the Yanks by having more Admirals per boat than they have. Hey, that would be cool! Watching Admirals jumping off boats! Of course, they'd have to queue up to take their turn.
(Yes, I do know that boats go under the water but it sounds a lot better)
With the rise of the Predator Drone how much longer will we need fighter pilots? Is the position already outdated? With a fly-by-wire F-35 we could out turn any pilot without being restricted by G-Force. How long till ATA missiles are invulnerable and the no escape zone encompasses the entire sky even with chaff and radar blocking? We could have an in built HD camera with a zoom lens on a swivel to replace the MK1 eyeball and if the plane crashed or got shot down it wouldn't matter either.

I suppose we'd miss an awful lot of people wearing flightsuits and shades with egos that can be seen from space though.


Book Reviewer
They're not even actual pilots

The UK Royal Air Force has completed a trial programme intended to assess the ability of non-pilots to fly unmanned air vehicles.

Dubbed Daedalus, the process "has successfully demonstrated that selection and training can generate remote pilots who, despite undergoing a different sort of training, are as highly trained and equally skilled as traditional pilots in that field", the RAF says.

UAV trial shows non-pilots 'equally skilled', says RAF


We ain't getting the B version we're getting the C version.
Noted. I think you'll find that the aircraft are already ordered via 'the shop' despite what the press say and that the Labour Party weren't completely correct when they said 'There's no money left'. Seems some Merlin type leprechauns left a pot at the end of a rainbow also known as Customs House Liverpool. I wager those new carriers will look fandabidozi, tho' I think HMS Duke of Lancaster and HMS Duke of Cornwall are better names as HMS Queen Elizabeth is morbid (i.e. almost like a grave stone) and to be honest a bit of an insult to HM.

As a sidenote, has anyone else noted the spring in HM and HRH's step in their twilight years. Has the bucket been around all those identified for the new HMY Brittania? Hope it's totally bling when it gets here, privately purchased, privately maintained!!! That'll teach those supposéd loyal subjects.

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