F-35B - lets backtrack.

Marine Corps unveil F-35B :: Air-Attack.com

There is no doubt about it, the F35-B will become the mainstay of the USMC and I think we jumped too soon getting off the VTOL bandwagon.

Perfect addition to our forces, probably have very modern VTOL tactics, good partnership with the USMC through Goshawk and Harrier and VTOL capability.

Have we completely jumped off VTOL or could/should we slide back in?


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Only Harriers could backtrack because of their true vectored thrust capability 'sniff'
Why do we need VTOL at all? You can't land or take off 'loaded up'.
Because we plan to waste biblical sums of money developing an impractical underfunded in-flight re-arming system, aircraft takes off unloaded and then is armed in-flight.

Of course it won't be able to land like this so will have to dispose of all unused ordnance before landing wasting even more money.

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