F-35 JSF Program: US & UK Reach Technology Transfer Agreemen

Now Inside Defense reports that U.S. and British defense officials have inked a new agreement on the transfer of sensitive technologies for the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. Pentagon acquisition bigwig Kenneth Krieg and UK MoD chief of procurement Sir Peter Spencer reportedly signed an agreement on July 18, 2006, setting forth a joint statement of principles for Britain to achieve "operational sovereignty" of any F-35 Lightning II aircraft it buys.
The next step will be a series of classified annexes to the agreement that will spell out the procedures and understandings for specific technologies within the program. These are expected to be in place by November, 2006, paving the way for a December 2006 or early 2007 agreement on go-forward production arrangements among the consortium allies.
'Scuse me if I don't break out the bunting and the champagne just yet. If there is any possible way that the MoD can have their pants pulled down over a weapons system acquisition, they'll find it.
Yep this ones going to be a real disaster, it remains to be seen will the MOD take with or without lubricant.

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