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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program: UK Update

It is a pointer as to the health of the transatlantic alliance, but also their is a non geopolitical argument as to whether it is good for the Armed forces of the UK. Is the Plane a fit. From what little I know, the UK does seem to be divesting its self of its military industrial production base.
So if I'm reading this correctly the case for VTOL/STOVL/Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all is that it would allow us to muddle through without having a large (expensive) standing carrier force by convering merchant vessels and so on.

And the case against is its to expensive.
From the Geocities link:

Let's have some honesty here, ok?

Navies paint their ships in GRAY when water is BLUE because:

a. they are non-warfighting bureaucrats and ships primarily show the flag at civilian ports that we are not warmongers when we are

b. they are afraid of colliding with each other

Because...if they were serious about warfighting they'd paint their ships in the blue color of the ocean they are in!
* Submarine aircraft carriers must be fielded.
(Note: at this point I could no longer read any more.)

A regular Alfred Thayer Mahan isn't he?

Neo, where the hell do you find this sh1t?
Let me try less controversial links for "The case for "



while these deal with why The USMC is interested in a STOVL version.
The basic arguments for and against seems to be cost VS flexibility and which fits the needs of each particular militaries perceived future roles. I would think if the UK decided against the STOVL, that variation would be canceled.

For good measure I thought I would throw in a British site.


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