F 203

Another question to those whom I hope can answer - What exactly is a F-203?

What is it used for and what info gets placed in it?

I understand, that it is a form used from manning but what for?

Hiding behind the curtain...
isnt it some kind of septic fighter bomber?
If it is made from paper, then yes.

I am on about the form 203 - not the septic blue on blue bomber :wink:
sorry cant help you then, but i couldnt have helped you with the bomber though either :oops:

but at least your thread isnt confined to the embarrassing hell that is.......
'unanswered posts' :wink:
I always thought, that the embarressing hell was having to do 7 days ropes and getting an extra day from the ord sgt on the last day!!! :( :p :wink:

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