Builds F-16CJ 1/32 Viper


In 2016 I started work on the Tamiya 1/32nd scale Viper. The project stalled for a variety of reasons, mainly issues with the kit itself and the building of the Corsair from the same range. For various reasons I haven't been at the bench since before the summer last year. Finally I decided to pick this one up again.

Rather than bang my head of the issue around the whole cockpit, engine, undercarriage assembly I decided to start on something a little easier. Dug out the bits and decided to start on the load out. The results so far:


I want to kit mine out for the SEAD role, two underwing tanks, two sidewinders, 2 HARMS and 2 AMRAAMS, HTS and sniper pod. The kit comes with the AN/ALQ-184 ECM pod but that needs to be changed to the ALQ-131. Unfortunately it requires a completely different central (station 5) pylon for mounting. I'll need to try and bodge one up at some point.

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