F¥cking MOSS Trg!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Who else has had to waste a day of their lives carrying out this Topsy & Tim standard online training?
    After the other days O'Group its apparently the Bde's number one priority for everyone to complete it.
    All I ask from my computer (whoops sorry, the computer I steal for 10 mins as I now dont have one because the Redundancy Cell need the spare terminals more) is email, intranet access for TDOL, MS Office and occasional Pistonheads & ARRSE surfing! I dont really care about whether some non-existing team can or cannot view my published/unpublished spreadsheet on my pet cats food consumption!
    Mine and the rest of the Sqn's priority was getting out on Ex next week but now its been completing our "DIMSUM" or whatever its called. Which I had great joy in selecting Answer A for everything which meant apparently "I didnt understand any of the training", thought it "wholly irrelevant" and "I dont feel like I can approach my Line Manager for further advice"!

    And to top it all I still dont know what ******* MOSS stands for!
  2. I think MOSS is a great tool. If used properly* it could put an end to sending off pointless stats to satisfy some pointless mouth breather who's creating yet another pointless pie chart. Assuming the guy has permission, he'll have access to everything himself from the word go, and can cut out the middle man, AKA me. Also it's a good way of sharing events, orders, admin instructions etc. A bit like Facebook for grown ups.

    *This is where my argument falls down. Training will be hit and miss (I've still had none), and it won't be used to it's fullest potential, rendering it a pointless waste of money in the long run.
  3. And it will be reliant on people that its aimed at having a terminal to utilise it......and not the TMA who spends 3/4 of his day trying to turn JAMES green!
  4. Have you had the joy of Meridio training yet?
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  5. The training is on the DLP and it really is dull. My advice is to click through all the training and just crack on with the tests as they're pretty much designed for people usually described as the lowest common denominator.

    Enjoy :D

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  6. Utter and total balls. I'm with you. Got someone else to do the DLP bit for me, and now we have MOSS, the main difference seems to be that I need to save spreadsheets etc. onto my desktop and re-upload them onto MOSS, whereas before I could just save them straight onto the regi website.

    Besides, if the regiment actually kept things like PXRs, risk assessments, admin instructions etc. in a sensible and ordered way that everyone could access, then junior officers and staff captains wouldn't have anything to fill their day with rewriting.
  7. I've done the moss training but still don't have access to the shared drive!!
  8. My lawn's full of moss and I couldn't give a **** about that either!
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  9. I find you spend most of your day emailing links to the location of documents on MOSS as the file system is counter-intuitive and the search function seems to be borrowed from the Intranet.
  10. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    I hope you don't mean infantrymen?

    I thought MOSS was a brilliant improvement over the way our electronic business was conducted, especially the way you could see Pt 1s and Coy orders without leaving the comfort of my shiny chair....

    It also stopped the AGC saying "Admin isn't a dirty word or a small town in China!", to us on an hourly basis.
  11. Well still not having MOSS yet but if seeing Pt1's on it instead of what we have now, with the CC sending a link each day to the folder where they are stored, is the only improvement then you can keep it.
  12. No, I meant any I.T. brightspark/ dinosaur who's resistant to change regardless of capbadge.

    Did the Coy clerk pick on you and cause an element of self doubt or something? ;)

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  13. This MOSS thingy is further confirmation of my theory that computers no longer exist to serve us, we now exist to serve computers.
  14. I've often wondered why the paperless office has resulted in our paper budget increasing tenfold in less than 10 years.
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  15. On a similar note what have they done to the intranet? The search function was pretty useless before now it's totally ****, the A-Z library seems to be missing as well. Most of my useful favourite links are now dead and gone as well, important information is now almost impossible to find and MOSS can go and lick chud as far as I'm concerned.
    Why is it outside of the MoD technology is a wonderful thing improving the lives of billions, inside the MoD it's just a pile of time wasting and frustrating diseased ****?
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