Eyesight !

Hello chaps,

I know this is a well worn subject on here but Ive trawled through previous posts and cant find the answer I need. Im in the process of an application for 4 Para and on Saturday I had an eyetest (I already knew my eyesight was crap but I took comfort from the fact that I was originally looking at the HAC and got accepted).

This Para application seems different , I had to go to my own optician with a form for him to complete. Well according to him my Visual acuity is no worse than the minimum standard for corrected VA but I my presricption is -7.75 (right eye) and -8.75 (eye) and therefore worse than the standard for the army of -7.00.

Am I stating the obvious in that my Para career is over before it even started or can you appeal these things ?.

Im gutted as Im nearly 32 but fancied a real go at this !



As far as I know, I don't think they will allow you in.
Theres been a couple of guys/lassses at my unit that were failed on their eyesight, and were told they "could be clerks" if they wanted.
So other than that I don't know mate, I'm sorry to say.

However, I would probably advise you keep at it until you get told a definate no or whatever - Just for the ofchance they will take you. Theres been a few people i know who had a medical conidtion such as depression (which is usually a straight no-no) but beacuse they kept up the contact and showed real interest, they got in. It may be a different matter with eyesight, but you never know.

Theres no much else you can do really, is there?
Good luck with it though mate, let us know how it goes.