The vision in my right eye is not perfect. I wore glasses as a kid but because my left eye compensates so much for normal day to day stuff, I was told I did not need them. That was about fifteen years ago.

Now I want to join the Army, either Infantry or RA. I downloaded the parametres for acceptable eyesight levels from the Army Careers site and had a private eye test. My eye sight fell within the parametres.

However, I am still bricking it about my eyesight. My main worries are being knocked back at recruit selection, or trouble with weapons training and the annual personal weapons test, where I hear you must land five rounds in a small group. I fired when I was a cadet and was pants, lucky if I hit a fig 11 from 25 metres, and apparently the test is ranged up to 300m?

This is a real worry for me. If anyone has any stories, advice, what to expect, 'what they would do' type of stuff, knows anything about the subject, or knew/knows anyone in this situation, please let me know. Physically I am in good shape (apart from the eye), and I think I have a right attitude to make a good soldier, and my enthusiasm cannot be questioned, so this issue is really getting on me t*ts. Anything would be appreciated. Apart from unoriginal/unfunny abuse.

Cheers chaps.
The requirements with corrective lenses (Specs) is 6/6 in one eye, 6/36 in the other and 6/6/ both together. I shouldn't worry about it if I were you. If you do want to put your mind at rest toddle off to an optician for a test taking the list of requirements with you.
As long as your eyes are corrected 20/20 with either glasses or contacts - no problem. As for the shooting, that comes with training (marksmanship principles etc) and practice
Im having problems aswell with all this eyesight ballax, ive had 2 private eyetests and one at selection, and although my eyesight gets ticks they say that because i did have glasses before and because my eyesight could be better they are making me take yet another eye test. As if it solves anything? Regardless of this though i still passed me 2 day selection so i wouldnt worry about it.

I would not worry if your sight can be corrected and you are within limits then you will be fine.
In the Infantry you will get a SUSAT (at some point) which greatly assists up to 300m and beyond.
Also remember that shooting is all about technique and position get that right and you will hit the target everytime - where on the target is up to you!


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