I've checked previous threads but wasn't able to get the relevant data.

Can I go into the Paras as an Officer with glasses? I would like a chart or a source of info if you can provide one, cheers in advance.

Anybody know how to improve eyesight? Other than Bates method.
Next suggestion please!
From elsewhere on arrse,

In the Paras you can wear glasses/contacts and you only need to be 6/12 acuity in ONE eye CORRECTED(!!) for entry/retention (In the other you only need to be able to see the top letter on the vision (Snellen)chart = 6/60 i.e blind as a bat!!). Rare for someone to be refused entry to the paras on visual standards alone.

You CANNOT wear glasses in the UKSF!
If there are guys wearing glasses going for 21/23 then if they pass they will not be allowed to wear them and must replace them with contacts.

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