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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Matt44, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey I am looking at the eyesight standards to join as a (millitry engineer)electrian in the royal engineers I have been looking through the pulheems to find the required standard for different jobs.

    From what I can tell electrian requires sight 8/2 in the right eye and 8/3 in the left eye.

    The numbers stand for:

    6/6 = 1
    6/9 = 2
    6/12 = 3
    6/18 = 4
    6/24 = 5
    6/36 = 6
    6/60 = 7
    less than 6/60 = 8

    So you aren't required to see anything without your glasses which is 8 as 6/60 is the top letter on the opticans chart. And 8 standards for less then this. Can any one confirm if I'm understanding this right. Thanks for any help.
  2. Can anyone in Recruitment help with this?
  3. Why not ask an optician
  4. I'm just wanting to know if 8/2 in the right eye and 8/3 in the left eye, is still the pulheems score required for eyesight as a military engineer electrian.
  5. try texting the ACO, ive been trying to find an up-to-date chart too
  6. Matt.

    You do know what gives you bad eyesight don't you?

    Try the RMP. You'll fit in fine.
  7. Distance Right = sph + 03.25, cyl = 00.75, axis= 155, Base = 6/6

    Distance Left = sph +01.75, cyl = 00.25, Axis = 145, Base = 6/5 -1

    Is my eyes acceptable?

    Thanks in advance
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