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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by x6655321, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. You've been asked this several thousand times before, no doubt, but
    the search function isn't co-operating at the moment so I can't check
    the old pages.

    I just wanted to know what sort of eyesight test the army has (RMAS in
    particular, if it makes any difference)... do you read letters on the board,
    or is more extensive testing carried out?

    Sorry again for all those who're sick of hearing about laser surgery, lenses,
  2. big board with numbers/letters on and the colour blindness test
  3. Perfect...

    I know a guy who failed on color blindness... he had no idea he was colorblind
    before that. Fingers crossed.
  4. Do they let you in if you can only see the top 3/4 lines? Im not classed as partially sighted however i have a scar across my eye which blurs my view when my left eye is closed. Wouldnt this cause a problem with the guns?
  5. Depends which eye blurs. If it's the left one, it shouldn't make any difference. :lol:

    If you can see the top four lines, that's 4 lines better than me. Seriously, your eyesight doesn't have to be perfect - the Army takes people who wear glasses. The issue about your right(?) eye blurring as a result of closing your left (i.e. can't be corrected by glasses, I presume) may be a more serious problem as you need to focus with your right eye to shoot. Consult an optician before applying. You could cheat on the medical, as you don't have to close your left eye, just cover it. It wouldn't be fair on your oppos, though, if you couldn't return effective fire if needed.
  6. No glasses wouldnt make a difference as the problem is a scar and not the lense of my eye. On one of the career pages it specified all the scientific eye specifications and the strength of glasses aloud for use. I went to the optitions and he gave me a pair od glasses which were to the army standards allowed but they make no difference, just give me a headache coz i keep trying to look under the glass instead of through them.

    I think the only correction for my eye is to have a cornea transplant. Sorry but having someone cut the front of my eye off does not appeal to me. However i think the doctors would only do that as a very last measure as i have some sight just not very good.

    I wounder if maybe i could get a left handed rifle that way wouldnt i use my left eye instead?
  7. No such thing as a left handed rifle in the British Forces for the time being, i am afraid.
    Try and fire the SA 80 from your left shoulder and if the empty case does not fly in to your face, the bolt and the cocking handle will smash in to your face. Owch.
    Aussies and Kiwis have the idea with the Aus Steyr they have as its able to be converted to left handed use.
    Good luck, i hope you get to embark on the carear you desire.
  8. Just revisiting this thread because my mate in the OTC said i probably would not get accepted for OTC if i went for it next year. I know that different reg's have different standards and i cant imagine the ALS having very high eyesight standards.

    I study law and mentioned to a fellow student that the army only has right handed rifles but other army's have adaptable rifles etc. he suggested trying the selection then if they fail me go down the route of discrimination as i can see fine with my other eye and could therefore use a different type of rifle. ( i know i will probably be slated for this but it was only a passing comment, and will probably never happen.)

    I know that certain operations/transplants make you incompatable for service, i was just wondering if anyone knows the position of cornea transplants?
  9. vision in the right eye needs to be correctable to no less than 6/9
  10. thanks, i have some sight in my right eye so hopefully i have enough to pass.
  11. it says about eyesight

    these things render you unfit for military service

    "chronic eye diseases (e.g. glaucoma, keratoconus, and retinis pigmentosa). squint surgery in the last 6 months. Corneal problems (e.g. corneal graft and recurrent corneal ulcers). loss of discolouration of eye lens. cataract or cataract surgery. detached retina"

    thats for all of HM Forces.
  12. btw 6/9 = 3rd from bottom
  13. Damn it, if i dont pass then it looks like its off to court then.
  14. hmmm.. no offence but i don't think you'll get anywhere
  15. i know, thanks for your help anyway.