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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by billywhizzuk, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Thinking about joining the TA as I have only just found out that the age limit has been extended. I'm now 41, so have a few years of useful life left before being put out to grass.

    I had a corneal graft done about 10 years ago. Is there any way of blagging my way through the medical with this, or maybe forgetting it due to my Alzheimers?

    I was injured at RMAS in term 3 of SMC in 1990 and medically discharged with the option of returning at a later point (stupidly didn't though as I listened to the now very EX wife) - shouldn't have told them I was being commisisoned in to the RMP and they would have YListed me instead. This was a knee injury but I've since qualified as a ski instructor which means I have both age and looks on my side!

    Is there anyone I can bribe? (which did actually work when I originally joined when I bizarrely failed some random breath test) does someone actually look in your eyes? Would an army doctor recognize a decade old graft?

    cheers in advance :rmp:
  2. Ask to see the doc at the unit you want to join first.
  3. Cheers for the lightening fast reply Peco

    ask the doc what I just asked here? Do they have docs at TA units??
  4. Depends on the size of the TAC a Troop/Platton probably wont but a Reg/Btn/Coy may do, ours is a Coy HQ and has one that occupies the bloodletting room from time to time :evil:
  5. cheers PRC

    Don't suppose anyone knows if there's a quack at Southampton RMP?

    Frustatingly RMP Upavon is only a few miles away, grrrrr
  6. When asked about my eyesight when I joined up, I said I could see well enough to cross the road without them, and that was accepted! (Mind you, I was joining the infantry, where stopping a bullet was more important.) I do not think you need to worry too much. The doctor will be a hard-bitten cynical professional soldier type, rather than a consultant trying to milk money out of you for yet another operation. I think you can trust him/her to use common sense.
  7. You might want to read the posts about TA recruiting. The doctor you see will be working on contract from somewhere in Scotland and will not use his common sense. We had an ex reg try to join (12 years service) and was knocked back because he had childhood azma.
  8. There will almsot certainly NOT be a Doctor at the unit.

    You'd be sent for a medical at the Armys' expense.
  9. I stand corrected. Times have changed.
  10. Good luck with the old cough and drop :roll:
  11. There isn't. You'll be sent to a civvy one.
  12. Either things have changed in the last year or so(which is possible) or its unit dependant .. I know from our unit all meds are done at the local medical corps unit
  13. Unit dependant I believe, we've got a civvy GP that come in every now and again.
  14. Some units have a TA Medical officer on strength (PQO type), some send you to nearest regular med centre, some send you to nearest TA RAMC unit, some get a contract civvy doctor to come to the unit, some send you to see a civvy doctor and send the bill.

    Anyway, you have to be able to get an acceptable score on a traditional card reading test and book reading test, along with the colour blindness tests. As to what is acceptable for what corps, no eyedear. Standards for TA should be same as regular, as you may end up in the same place doing the same job.

    What is a bit concerning is your attitude about tyring dis-honestly blag your way in to a unit that is supposed to uphold honesty and discipline.

    Suppose you did blag you way in with dodgy eyes, I dont think anyone would thank you if you were on stag in a sanger and missed something (or in RMPs case missed a speeding LR's registration :) ) .
  15. You have a RG8 Med form which has to be completed by your GP

    Also if you wear or have worn/or had eye problems you have to go to the opticians for an eye test and they have to fill out an Army Opticians form too.

    So no way to blag it.