eyesight standards

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Speed_Air_Man, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. Just had my yearly eye test and my uncorrected vision is 6/6 left eye and 6/4.5 right eye.

    Is this within the acceptable standards for the Army? (would like to know before I get to RSC!)

  2. any chance of using a larger font ..... ive left me specks in the pub?
  3. 6/4.5 eh?........Thats a feckin accurate chart :!:
  4. What's he talking about, can't see a fecking thing

  5. Hey, I'm only going on what the optician has written down. I haven't a clue what the numbers mean. Is a low number bad then?

    Still time to get a sensible answer in anyone before we move to page 2 and yet another thread descends into the usual cake and arrse party! :wink:

  6. the only way to know for definite is to visit your local ACIO, they should know the basic sight requirements.

    or trawl the Army MoD web pages for the Medical one and e-mail
  7. That will be fine for most jobs but you may not be flying helos. I'm blind as a bat but have done 14 years with contact lenses. 8O
  8. Are you sure it dosent say 6/45? im not an optician but the second number means how far someone with normal vision has to be stood to see it. 6/4.5 would mean you have really good eyes. 6/45 means not the best. I'm 6/60 in one of my eyes and 6/36 in the other
  9. Jesus christ fitzy how do you see your keyboard???or have you got braille buttons.
  10. eyechart use

    6/6 means that from 6m(20 ft) you can read the line with size 6 letters

    6/4.5 means that from 6m(20ft) you can read the line with size 4.5 letters.

    Most Snellen charts only go down to 6/5 but if you've had it done by an optician then you would get a more accurate result. Use the above link to explain.
    I am not a Doctor, so if anyone want's to correct me then feel free.

    In a nutshell, your eyesight is as good as it gets.
    Hope this helps :D
  11. Who said that?

    Ive been like that since i was a kid, im used to it in all honesty. I can read my keyboard fine with my weak eye.