Eyesight standards/laser treatment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 1690, May 2, 2003.

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  2. Dunno if it's changed but six months ago a mate said...

    Minimum visual standards for UKSF entry/retention are:

    6/12 acuity both eyes uncorrected (the legal limit for driving w/o glasses or contacts) (E = 3 in PULHHEEMS talk)

    6/6 acuity both eyes (equiv. 20/20) corrected. (E = 1 in PULHHEEMS talk)

    Spectacles are NOT allowed but contact lenses are permitted to achieve the standard.
    People who have had refractive eye surgery inc. laser surgery are unfit for service with UKSF

    In the Paras you can wear glasses/contacts and you only need to be 6/12 acuity in ONE eye CORRECTED(!!) for entry/retention (In the other you only need to be able to see the top letter on the vision (Snellen)chart = 6/60 i.e blind as a bat!!). Rare for someone to be refused entry to the paras on visual standards alone.

    You CANNOT wear glasses in the UKSF!
    If there are guys wearing glasses going for 21/23 then if they pass they will not be allowed to wear them and must replace them with contacts.

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  4. I'm trying to get more info for you but purely on the information I previously posted..

    People who have had refractive eye surgery inc. laser surgery are unfit for service with UKSF .

    This is hearsay of course so I suggest you contact 21 direct and check it mate...I believe some of the contact details are wrong on the MOD site but hey ho :p

  5. Guys,

    If you look on the second page of the site there is a longer thread about lazer treatment and the implications for call up.

    If you want to know more IM me.

    Happy hunting.
  6. If a TA soldier has laser operations on his eyes and declares it to the RMO, he will be medically downgraded.  There is no military acceptance that this is a safe procedure yet.

    By all means, get it done - but think before you spill the beans, especially if you are called up - you will be on the train home from Nottingham in no time and probably unable to train with your TA unit either, as your med docs will follow you !
  7. One comment about a former CO of 23 (mid-90s) "but he's as blind as a bat?!"

    (Said after a particularly promising YO got binned at minute two after being honest about his contact lenses)
  8. Just passed my B A R B test and now ive got to send off MED DOCS and OPTICIANS Report.

    Ive got almost perfect vision in my left eye and can see nearly everything in detail. My right eye is possibly below average. I cant see detailed stuff so ive basically got a squint or lazy eye. Kinda worried that im not gonna pass my optician report.

    Even with my right eye not having great vision, Can i still be an infantry soldier, i dont min'd not being able to take up marksman courses and so on. I just dont want to feel like ive done the test, assesment and wasted all my time for nothing. Any thoughts? Jay
  9. I am in the same boat as you JayUKSoldier.
    Whislt I have not done any tests I have a 'lazy' eye.
    Basically my right eye is tip top above 6/6, but my left is equivalent to 6/60.

    Anyone have any idea whether this standard is too poor to apply as a graduate entry officer in the Army?
  10. A good mate of mine had laser surgery three / four years ago and has just come back from a tour with 29 Byt RA - he was with them on FTRS - so this is not true - he declared it and was asked to get some kind of confirmation from his doc that all was well.

  11. Not *entirely* true, but ask them yourselves. I'll not expand here.
  12. I had laser eye surgery about 3 yrs ago and I can confirm that you will be automatically downgraded for at least 6 months (if you declare it). Even then you may have to go to the Snr Eye Dr to be examined before a decision is taken to ugrade you or not. I had to have another 2 eye examinations over a 6 month period, over & above that included in my surgery fees and send the written results to the MO so they could be sent off for a decision to upgrade me was finally given.
  13. i have a lazy eye and i have just passed my optician report.

    without glasses:
    right eye: 6/18
    left eye: dunno but its perfect

    with glasses:
    right eye: 6/12
    left: same

    the amry enrty requirements say that you need to be the following

    right eye: 6/12
    left eye: 6/18

    Thats with glasses or without so if you can see better or equivalent to that your A-Okay 8)
  14. There was a policy change some time in the last couple of years (promulgated in a Surgeon General's letter). Laser eye surgery is no longer an automatic bar to service, and is even encouraged for certain visual acuities in some trade groups. Not sure what situation is on recruitment; you'd just have to declare and let them decide (or risk a failure of enlistment procedure).