Eyesight & reserve forces

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jonny251, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. I have in the past been a member of the reserve forces; and wish to get back into it; pushing myself to attempt UKSF(R) or RMR selection.

    I had a UKSF(r) medical last year which I failed due to poor eysight, particularly in one (right) eye. My left was not perfect but was within the tolerated boundries. I was told to go away, get an eye test "get it sorted in whatever way" and re presesnt myself for a secong med.

    Having had the eye test I now have a prescription confirming I have an astygmatism, in both eyes slighlty but worse in my right; not bad enough to need glasses day to day.

    I have been told if I present myself for a medical with the script/glasses I could pass the standard medical but would NOT pass the UKSF(R) med due to wearing glasses/contacts; however if I had laser surgery I would pass, but not be alowed to attempt selection for at least 12 months after the operation.

    Does anyone have any experiance of this or clarity on the situation? Are RMR's rules on this the same as UKSF(R)? Should I just re joing a normal TA unit, get the op done, bide my time them apply?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hello mate, sounds like you have the exact issue as me, astygmatism but not bad enough to need glasses for continuous use. I'm ex-reg Army and now in training with the RMR Merseyside, and I passed the RMR med/selection no problem. My eyesight has never been brought up.

    Can't speak for UKSFR, but I can't imagine you having a problem with RMR. Go for it.
  3. Thanks; had no joy contacting RMR Bristol; one letter and two phone calls but no reply! Looking into 266 (Para) Battery RA or 6 Coy Rifles at mo.
  4. I was considering the UKSF(r) but couldn't set aside the time at the moment but my eyesight is -2 I think in both eyes which require me for distance to wear glasses or contacts.
    What was their issue with you wearing glasses/contacts? If you wear either thats a instant fail?
  5. I heard about the US special forces were subsidised for a while for corrective surgery.

    edit- I wonder if they'd be a 1 year down time if you had them done thorugh the army