Eyesight requirements

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Green_Homer, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Right..

    I have a friend who is seeking to join the TA however he tried in 2003 but was rejected at the medical due to his eyesight

    -"4.25 in both eyes, basically short sighted"

    However he applied for OTC and was let in no problem.

    Question is, will he be red flagged when applying again and refused or be allowed to resit the medical afresh?

    Will post him the link so he can update himself!


  2. If he's OTC and desperate to get in he could try going TASO (tell him to speak to his PSI/Pl. Comd) as they don't seem to redo medicals for TASO bods.
  3. No he is not OTC anymore, left after a year and is now a graduate. Sorry should have mentioned that
  4. being a TA soldier (contradiction in terms i know) myself i would like to pose a question

    Medical??? you get medicals in the TA????

    almost like asking what the entrance test is like???
  5. Strange one this

    The medical entry requirement for OTC is to the level of a TA soldier

    so if he passed the medical for OTC - then he should be ok for TA - they'll dig his old med docs out.

    Usually the ACIO for the regs requires Eye tests to be performed by Opticians (prescription to be attached to med questionarre) but most TA units simply use Visual Acquity charts
  6. Cheers Benpan2zero I'll pass that on
  7. +/-6 D (which can be corrected) should get him into the TA or Regular Army. -4.25 will probably exclude him from SAS, Air Corps, RAC AFV crewman (although not officer) and a couple of RLC trades (Air Despatch and seaman).

    There shouldn't be a problem based on his visual acuity. There may be another problem: he could always ask at the medical.