Eyesight Requirements

I want to join the TA, hopefully on a Direct Entry Scheme, but failing that as a Solder. I've been sent some application forms along with a health questionnaire, and on it asks of my eye prescription, but mentions nothing of mimimum requirements on the guidance booklet. Does the Army have a strict criteria on eyesight beyond a certain prescription, and are there any circumstances where they can accept them?
:twisted: It depends upon your choice of Corps/Regiment: for example, blindness in one eye and a twitch in the other is considered good luck and leads to a very lucrative retirement plan in the RMP's. On the other hand the standards for officers in the Parachute Regt have recently been revamped as the RAF complained that their guide dogs were shi--ing themselves in the Herkies.
The ability to see no further than the end of one's nose is a requirement in the Army Legal Services and the technique of recognizing defects and drawbacks in the SA 80 while holding it in their hands, closely coupled with "I never signed off on that thing syndrome" is pertinent to the Small Arms School Corps.
You cannot be "colour blind" to be an ATO, or in REME but it is considered an asset in designing their uniforms,EMERS , and MQ furniture.
The ability to view the world in green and black will ensure permanent night shift in the RAC.

If they give you a hard time with eyesight tests you can always remind them of Admiral Nelson and use the three magic words that override any minor unpleasantness, I shall only whisper them to you on condition you do not tell anyone else; hhmm! ready.
"I am gay!"

Happy soldiering.
As far as I know you're OK with goggles on just as long as your eye sight is good with them on.
The prescription thing is for the lenses that go inside your gas mask to correct your vision when you're eyes are streaming like feck from CS gas.

Basic requirements - you can see OK with your right eye and if you wear contacts, wear your goggles for a week upto and including the medical.
well lads just on this post what are the actual requirements if you are going to be a direct entry officer type?
Is there anywhere where they have them written down.
I'm graduating in june with a mechanical engineering degree.
Will they expect 6/6 or would it matter if you were 6/60?

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