Eyesight requirements, ideas?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Negativvv, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Its a good few months since all this ended so ive had a chance to go away and think about things etc and im now on other career paths...

    Basically i applied to go in as an Officer and my eyesight is over the limit. Yes, i was blessed with vision just over the requirements which is substantial (-7) :x

    I consulted with both the medical officer at Westbury and later the Tri Services Medical Colonel (cant remember his exact title but he pretty much sat at the top of the Occupational Medicine food chain). While they both admired i had completely no issue with my vision as i can see normally with contacts/specs and entirely understood my eyesight was my own business to deal with and would make personal allowances for if i ever served; they said that limits had to be made somewhere unfortunately.

    If anyone is interested, the reason is due to a higher chance of suffering a detached retina and has little to do with how well you see without any correction. The medical officer did agree that a higher chance of a possible injury pales in significance if one was to say, be shot in the head for instance as you WOULD have a serious injury regardless of the condition of your eyes :lol:

    Oh and the Police seem to have a higher eyesight requirement than the military; you need to have unaided vision to a certain level. Which means you could technically fight in a war but not be medically fit to walk down your local highstreet as a copper :roll:

    Anyway they all know my name in the Occupational Medicine side of the recruitment process so id be unlikely to get away with any underhand tactics like pretending i had no problems or getting some sort of surgery then reapplying and besides that would just be dishonourable!

    If anyone has any ideas on how to try again then im all ears. Somewhat frustrating not being able to even try to do something you want to do (as im invalid from even attempting the RCB)!

    Anyway like i said this all passed a number of months ago so im over it and looking for other careers but it would be nice to hear any opinions/solutions anyone has. Thanks!
  2. Damn I better get mine checked. I know they are JUST inside the limits for Navy Officer selection so I assume they will be ok for Army but I will have to double check. If not its LASIK, 12 month wait, arghhh...

  3. Well hearing test is easy http://www.freehearingtest.info/ to see that you can hear the beeps, and about the eye test, if one eye is worse than other on a bit where you must change the hand that is covering the eye.. think about it ;)
  4. If your eyes are worse than -6 then you cant have laser eye surgery done, they set that as the upper limit! Or atleast it was the case a few months ago. Weird how you can be up to -7 without surgery tho....
  5. Strange indeed! I seem to remember a -8 or a -6 on my perscirption, I hope its a -6! Handwriting was very bad you see! God damn, would hate to fail my application for something so stupid: both my eyes are correctable (and are corrected to) 6/6! Will have to check my perscription when I get home next week.