eyesight requirements for medical corps

Hi, I qualify as a physio next year and was wondering if anyone knew the eyesight requirements for the army medical corps? I don't have great vision in my right eye (which stopped me joining when I left school) but does anyone know if the medical corps has lower requirements? I searched around but didnt find anything conclusive

Plenty of slots as a civie physioterrorist though.
yeh thats the next best thing, and its something i've been looking at as well. The army is something I always wanted to do when I was growing up, so if I could join as a physio then that'd be better than being an attached civilian (but beggers can't be chosers). Does anyone know how much scope there is for civilian physios to travel or is it just base work in the uk and germany (with army physios doing all the stuff on operations etc)?
I think it is just Germany and UK... possibly some other slots, but I don't think you'd find yourself in Afghanistan.

I can't remember if we had any civvies attached in Banja Luka.
Eyesight requirement is same as for wider Army (correctable to 6/6).

Also, like much of rest of Army, it's very over-subscribed for physios. Civvie physios are retained through agencies as required. The (rare) permanent civvie appt would be individually advertised, and these posts are base areas only. Given budgets, I'd be surprised if there's any recruiting in the forseeable.

Sorry not to be more positive. You could try the TA but I've no idea about their manning levels, and the eyesight issues will continue to be a bar, unless they're very short.
Ok cheers. I know of one or two agencies who supply the mod so i'll start doing my homework on them. I already knew that it was a competitive game, nothing new there!

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