Eyesight question- another one...


Apologies for yet another eyesight question. I've looked through and can't find an answer. I have spent this afternoon with the optician and medical form and am slightly uncertain:

I am short-sighted: -7.25 (Right) and -7.5 (Left). When corrected, I can read to line 6/6 on the Snellan chart.

The medical form asks for my eye stats, which have been correctly entered. It then stipulates that I can read 6/12 right eye, 6/36 left eye with up to a -6.00 adjustment. I can do this... 6/12 both eyes, with a -6.0 adjustment and the optician has said as much on my form. Though clearly that's not my normal prescription.

I am otherwise fit and with no other eyesight issues. Can anyone advise on how the Army will view (no pun) my application into the Reserves... Thoughts much appreciated!
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