I went through officer selection a couple of years ago and had no real probs, Was really concerned that my eyesight would be an issue so pulled out at last minute. I've done lots of exciting things since, but despite it's flaws the army still holds a massive attraction for me and I'm not really suited to much else (I'm not mad keen on offices and although I could run away to some wild and remote place to become a mtn guide the money and lifestyle isn't great.). I'm feeling seriously restless at the mo and really want to give it another go before i'm too old.

My eyesight is just over the limit in my left eye, which I know means i'm as blind as bat, but really need some help here.

Without being too immoral what ways are there through the selection procedure?

At the moment I can see 3 options:
1. have lasar eye surgery and 'forget' to tell anyone.
2. wear contacts and have a slightly false prescription
2 wear contacts and 'forget' to tell anyone

I don't like '3' as it shows a complete lack of integrity, '1' seems the best if I get away with it and '2' seems a good middle option but has increased risk (i.e. if I have to go to a army optician to get an eyetest for a respirator)

The other option is to be completely honest and see if I can have a special case made. I like this option the best, but it is the riskiest.

Your thoughts would be appreciated as i'm really dying to get into the army. If you feel you need more discretion please PM me.


"mr mckendricks"
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