Eyesight for the Para / Marines reserves?

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Hi guys, I know this is probably one of the most over asked questions on the forum but haven't had chance to go down to the AFCO yet so thought maybe giving this forum a try.

About five months ago I started the Sam McGrath parachute regiment fitness programme just as a means to get fit, but after considering it for a few months I have decided to maybe try going for the Para reserves, or the Royal Marine reserves. Am more inclined towards the Royal Marines.

I have been spending a couple of months getting fit and making sure that I really wanted to join but I totally overlooked my eyesight as a major hindering factor. I have read over the literature on the British Army website and the Royal Navy site but can't find anything clear to compare to. I have attached my eye test results below, just wanted to see if anyone knew wether it would affect me.

Thanks for any help, if not I will head down the AFCO for a clear answer!


Head to the regular recruiting board. There is a thread for JSP950 (medical standards) and one for medical discussion. Medical standards are the same for regular and reserve.
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