eyesight and chilwell

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by quiller, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. does anyone have any idea what the minimum eyesight regulations are for mobilisation?
    i have been mobilised but i don't want anything to stop it once it has started.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you passed a PULHEEMS recently, you'll have no problems. Ask your friendly Unit Medic to give you a quick once-over ,using the Chart, and that's about it.
  3. it's been a long time and i was about borderline then, if not over, but this was before the days of telic and people were probably not as strict with the results then.

    hopefully the mincies will still be within the standards enough.
  4. my corrected vision is fine, i just need to know if there is a limit on uncorrected vision.
  5. I don't believe the eyesight standards for Mob are any different to those you have to live by in the Reserves.

    If they are, bearing in mind the view that Mob will increase with the change in role of the Reserves to be an integral part of any major deployment 8) , it would bring into question why people are in the Reserves that cannot deploy due to poor eyesight 8) , reduced hearing :wink: , bunions :lol: etc
  6. i can only agree with that. eyesight was my only concern but have had them checked out and should be fine.
  7. If in doubt - cheat. We had one bloke mobilised for Telic 4 who's virtually blind in one eye and he got through.
  8. we had a bloke who got out to thearte then revealved he had double vision . he was all so mad but thats by the by :lol:
  9. Very true.

    However having just been through the new, improved RTMC, the reserve on mobilisation isn't entitled to the 'perks' that a regular is. For example any dental work more than a tooth out and your not dentally fit (demob). Blood in your urine? Piss off to a civvy doctor (demob). We'll mobilise you again in 6 months to see whether you've pitched up to get it sorted.
  10. A method that worked for someone I know (no names no pack drill) is wear contact lenses for the chart (but dont say u have them) which comes first (ie wear them when you go into the medical centre) then take them out before u see the doctor for the one on one as he/she will use an opthalmoscope(?) to examine your retina. First time my mate didnt realise this and a he had to pretend he had something in both eyes before he let the doc touch him! If you have had laser treatment deny it although i think it is permissible if done a year ago. Having said that another mate of mine wears glasses and is -7 (!!) in both eyes and he got through so I think Chilwell are being chilled about it.
  11. I posted an article in another section about eyesight. My prescription is -2.00 and -2.25 and i can only see the first letter with one eye unaided and the first 2 rows with the other unaided.

    What is the minimum unaided vision standard? With my glasses on im 6/5 which is better than 6/6
  12. This is interesting... I posed a similar question a while back. I have tissue covering the optic nerve in my left eye which means the nerve gets very little light and as a consequence my vision is very blurred in that eye. I can't wear corrective lenses for that because it's internal.

    However, here I am... a good few years into my TA career and i've never failed an APWT or a AFV Recognition test (well, I have, but not because I couldn't see the targets, I just didn't know what the hell they were!).

    I'd love to get mobilised but I've always hidden at the back of the class when the chance has come because I'm worried that i'll get to Chilwell, get caught, and then it's hello Civvy street.

    What do you do? I'm not Infantry so is it that important? My right eye has near eagle like accuity, but would that matter?

    Come on Medics (especially bods from Chilwell), give us the good/bad news!
  13. well, all i can say is that chilwell doesn't have any problems with bad eyesight, i was tested and had 8/8 for the pulheems on eyesight. the doc said "you are a bit shortsighted aren't you but have a good tour" and amended my docs to a 6/6, just 5 months to go now!
  14. They will be more interested in your corrected vision. If this is OK, or withing normal limits, you should be OK.

    Only problems you might have is if you have some major problem with the eye itself. Being short or long sighted is not an issue so long as corrected vision is OK.

    Exceptions exist for some trades, Aircrew, Infantry etc

    Good Luck
  15. Get an FMed 79 (Prescription for Spectacles) (the form you use for the respirator lenses). Get it filled in by a civvy optician. Before you hand it in at the TAC tick the boxes for "defence spectacles and case" as well as for respirator lenses. (You could also try ticking the Gucci box for aircrew corrective spectacles, but I don't think you'll get away with it).

    When you turn up at Chilwell, the medics will consider how much MOD has spent on your Army lenses and pass you as fit.

    Of course, if you're looking for an excuse not to go, just do the same thing but get somebody else to do the civvy eye test. The medics will be astounded at how much your eyes have deteriorated in a short space of time.

    Seriously, I'm as blind as a bat without glasses - couldn't see the chart, never mind the top letter - but this wasn't a problem at Chilwell. Biggest problem would be turning up without respirator lenses - organise this well in advance.