Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by torres, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. i dont wear glasses me eyesight aint great tho if i dont do well on the eyetest at selection will i get failed or just perscribed glasses
  2. I discovered recently you don't have to read every word anyway just a percentage.

    Don't worry about it you will just become another speccy tw@t if it's bad enough.

    But you could never look as bad as the USMC with their big Joe 90 glasses on. ;-)
  3. Just get down to Specsavers...do the test with you glasses to hand and they will probably do it twice, with and without, and record it accordingly.
  4. The issued specs i had to wear during my 1st time in basic, they were bloody Joe 90 glasses, had to wear them as soon as they were issued, looked bloody awful
  5. the joe 90 glasses give everyone else a good laugh though.
  6. But they get you in, and that's what you want isn't it?
  7. This is my mate who's in the sigs (ghosteh) can you guess why?

    these are the issue specs!!!!!
  8. FUKC ME !

    its Elvis Costello
  9. Not elvis costello, but one of those gwaa tw@ts from the Proclaimers.
  10. Get your eyes checked and you will get paperwork from careers office for optician to fill out on your initial RG8 medical paperwork. If you get down to selection they will then let you know what jobs you can go for after your medical. Some jobs you cant do if eye sight isnt good enough or your colourblind but the SMO/PSO will let you know. If youve got glasses dont forget to take them down to selection.

    Good luck
  11. Oh the Joys of getting your photo taken after a heavy pub session... *sigh* lol
  12. went optitions today sas my vision could be a problem but i'll still give it a go