Discussion in 'Sappers' started by PluckyBrit, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. I am seriously considering joining the RE, but I am a bit worried about how my eyesight might affect my options. My vision isn't too bad - I manage everyday life without any correction (just!), but need glasses for driving, so presumably would for any range stuff.

    I don't know what I would like to specialise in later, but was wondering if glasses/contacts would limit my choices? Specifically things like parachuting, diving, SF (who knows?!)

    If I had laser-eye surgery how would that affect what was open to me?

    I have read a bit about the "party line" regarding surgery, which seems to suggest it is just about tolerated (for most jobs) but not actively encouraged. Is it like that in reality? Do people think it will change in the future? I know the yanks encourage it, and it always seems like we are a couple of years behind them in stuff like this.

    Thoughts, please! Cheers.
  2. the best bet is to get yourself down to your local army careers for the answers that your looking for.

    a straight forward reply i know.

    thats where your answers are.
  3. Thanks - I suspected that might be the reply. I will have to get down there and see if they can provide the answers.
  4. I dont have the link at hand but when i find it i will post it.

    For the RE you need unadided vision of 6/60 or better. 6/60 meaning being able to see the first letter on the eye chart. Eg the biggy.
  5. Do not have laser eye surgery!!!! It is not currently recognised by the British Military Medical Board as a 'safe' operation (why I do not know). A very good friend of mine had the op prior to going on selection and was found out. It has nearly ended his career (downgraded medically to P3). Just be honest and see what happens.
  6. 8) The reason they don't recognise the op as a safe method is because of the way the do the surgery. They cut a flap on the eye and do their doctor thingy. Problem is that when they have finished, it is possible to dislodge the flap and damage the eye if they suffer a severe blow to the head.

    Can you tell I'm not a medic - but should get out more. 8O

  7. thought it was cos your eyballs can pop out of your swede at altitude!!
  8. I just about got into the TA sappers with my eyesight, it literally was on the 6/60 for one eye. I was originally just on reading glasses, but they now are used to them, so the glasses come on during the day. Still here. Not going near the laser treatment as I have long sight in the one that's 6/60.
  9. Also heard that. Read it in a newspaper (Times I think). The article was on British SF and pilots being given LASIK laser surgery by the MOD, not sure how much fact there was (usual dodgy scources). Was stated that LASIK didn't involve the cutting of a flap on the cornea which was why it was being used to improve the eyesight (and night vision) of SF blokes and Pilots.

    Did have a mate who had surgery before he went to Pathfinders, he was lucky and the army didn't do anything about it. Although I'm not sure how he managed to not get found out.

    Considering having surgery myself, going to be a while before I can afford it though.
  10. I very nearly paid for the Op privately myself until I was advised i'd be downgraded. It may indeed limit a career in SF as their medical (PULHEEMS) requirements are more stringent than normal, your eyesight at its current level is not a problem though.

    Another side effect of the Op is that of "haloing" - whilst driving at night and looking into a bright light (eg, oncoming headlights) you will experience a "halo" of light around things for a period of time after the exposure.