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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RRBBaby, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. From the Mirror......well, ive had a slow day!

    "EYES RIGHT! Aug 11 2003

    Operation Bags Away for scary Sir Mike

    By Nathan Yates

    IT was the kind of craggy look that seemed to suit a military man.

    The bags under the eyes were an essential ingredient - and helped earn General Sir Mike Jackson the nickname "Prince of Darkness" who meant business

    Now Sir Mike, 58, has gone all clean-cut and Civil Service-ish after surgery in which the distinctive pouches under his eyes and on his eyelids have been removed.

    Sir Mike - the army's most senior officer as Chief of the General Staff - drew curious glances at a social function in London, where dark shadows under his eyes indicated recent surgery, and his well-worn look has gone

    Yesterday the MoD confirmed he had had an operation on his eyes, "for medical reasons, including the removal of a cataract".

    Friends say Sir Mike was finding it difficult to read.

    It is understood that he also took the opportunity to have further surgery on the eyeball and eyelids.

    Cheroot-smoking Sir Mike, who rallied troops before the war in Iraq, is now on leave...with his eyes right again, but not half as scary."
  2. Prodigal,

    I can hear your anguished cry of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from here - lololololololol :D

    So POD is now PONSD - Prince of Not so Darkness...
  3. PtP, that's EXACTLY what I was howling as I read your post!!!!!!!


    Hell fire and damnation, he cannot do this to me.................if he doesn't look his usual craggy self, well, I shall just give up and become a nun.......... 8O
  4. Jacko, top man even if he has had a nip and tuck.

    I've a lot of time this bloke even though I've had an interview (minus beret and belt) with him he is / was one excellent CO...................and yes I was guilty 8O
  5. EB.......never admit anything unless they have video evidence of you doing it :lol: