Eyes, Booty’s and officers

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by edd1989, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Bit complex this one.

    I have just been applying for a commission in the Royal Marines. Unfortunately I am blind as a bat and twice as ugly. They sent me to an optician who told me I was just outside the worst vision they would accept. That is 6/60 uncorrected, corrected my vision is better than 6/5.

    Now, the navy has (but hasn’t) suggested that I should get laser eye surgery. However the surgeon I would use only performs on candidates who are 21 or over (I am 17, 18 come July).
    I don’t want to wait to serve since I don’t want to go to university and I don’t want to bum around doing jobs I don’t want to do until I have the surgery at 21 then have to wait 12 months.

    Here is the reason why I am posting on arrse rather than rumration.

    I always fancied the idea of being a intelligence officer, however I would far rather be a bootneck.
    But since I would only have to serve 4 years including training it would also tie in quite nicely to getting my eyes done.

    So what I want to know is can you have a worse state of vision as a intelligence officer. Like I say my eyes are narrowly below 6/60 uncorrected.

    Because the plan would be to join the army, go through Sandhurst and then once I have had my eyes corrected go to the Marines and hopefully get a commission since my eyes wouldn’t be a problem then.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Why the marines? there are Corps such as the RE's and RA who have commando squadrons/batterys, maybe others have commando units too, so you could join a corps and still become commando trained
  3. I have no idea why it is but the Marines are where I want to end up. Probably because they’re arrogant shite’s which seems to suit my personality quite well.

    Gutted when I heard today my vision wasn't up to scratch. So really need to know about the standard for an intelligence officer.

  4. Why not sign up for a Corps, wait for a few years, and then go on the All Arms Commando Course?

    You could then apply to commission whilst serving.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't you need a univesity degree to be an officer in the Army and RM?
    If you go to Uni wouldn't you be over 21 anyway?
    Join as a Tom get your eyes done and then go for a commision
    As stated you could attach RM anyway
  6. Alot of people say that. They are totally different jobs. Marines are infantry, the others are not. wearing a green beret doesn't make you a Marine, it makes you an Army Commando. Not that i'm saying there's anything wrong with Army Commando's. They're just totally different jobs.
  7. Check out the position re laser eye surgery. My understanding is that the Army are not too keen on it. Apparently blast waves can undo the treatment at the time when one is most likely to need good vision. Not 100% sure on this but get an answer from whoever you want to join in writing before you contemplate such a procedure. Oh and ask the Marine recruiting officer rather than a Navy officer, they may well have differing views.
  8. mong rant...

    mag to grid
  9. Seconded
  10. Bloody hell I’ve rubbed someone up the wrong way.

    Look, I said “arrogant shite’s” because I am on an Army website where there seems to be plenty of RM bashing.
    So I figured rather than say “I want to join the RM because they’re the best” and start of a “no they’re not”, “yes they are” type post I would I would say “arrogant shite’s” and associate it with myself.

    I really hope you don’t work in an AFCO.

    "I do have a career suggestion for you. Change religion, go to Afghan and jump in front of a GPMG/5.56mm/etc and improve the lads morale."

    Bit harsh that one.

  11. Seems a bit harsh. Bit of a cyber-hardman eh?
  12. Try talking to the RM rather than the Navy you never know. You could also try talking to another eye doctor. It will cost you a bit though.

    I'm not sure what the requirments are for RMAS, I can't imagine they'll be to chuffed about letting Mr Magoo in though.

    Oh and ignor some of the knobheads on here, it's for the best.
  13. You could go to uni and commission in the TA, think of the big picture mate the best time to go to uni is at your age. Why the rush to get immersed in the military machine? Maybe you should increase your life experience a bit first? do something totally different, crew a yacht or work on a ranch in South America for six months or do a season in a ski resort or something?

    You're only young once
  14. Mmm you seem to have issues.
  15. Maybe posting when full of alcohol was not a good idea.
    Oh well I suppose I will have to live with it...........