Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FlashmanTA, May 13, 2009.

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  1. I know there are loads of different posts on this but couldn't find the right place to put this.
    Passed my original TA medical (twice) as moved units, despite wearing contacts during my eye test - totally forgot to take them out as wear them all the time.
    Point is, I'm worried because my eyesight is pretty sh*te without them. Never had a problem wearing them and doubt anyone knows I have problem. I'm going to AOSB shortly and am wondering if anyone's been through the medical there- is there one if you're already serving?
    If so, what is the eye test like; is it the same, just reading from the board or do they examine your eyes?
  2. Well whatever you do don't hide it, integrity and all that. They should ask for a prescription from a optician, so as long as you fall within the Army's standards for eyesight (I'm sure another Arrser can point you in the right direction) you'll be ok. My eyesight isn't too great without lenses or glasses and i'm ok. The worst thing you can do is try to pull a fast one and not tell them.
  3. Minimum eyesight standard is -7.00 dioptres. Get them checked, if they're over that then do not pass go, do not collect 200 pounds. They will notice if you wear conatcts at AOSB.

    Having said that, my eyesight's pretty terrible but falls well within acceptable boundaries, so I'd expect most people are OK.

    It reflects badly on your TA medical though. How long ago was this?
  4. One was a year ago, the other about 2 years back.

    Quite concerned about it now - I don't even have any specs! I believe I am within the parameters but having always had tests of the 'look at the board and read out the letters' variety, it's never been a problem
  5. When i had my eye test the nurse asked me to read the chart with my glasses on, which i did. She then asked me to take them off and try again from the top line. I said don't be bloody daft, thats why i've got glasses!!

    Without mine i can't even read the top line and i get passed every time.
  6. Why not buy an eye-chart memorise the letters, job done!
  7. Just had eye test and results are;
    Sph: -450, Cyl -125, Axis 180

    Same in both eyes - does that mean I'm ok?
  8. And if you want some super nerdy - but free - army specs

    Issue specs