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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Throw him in the Tower for breaching national security.

  2. Strip him of his vetting.

  3. Strip him and throw him to mortar platoon.

  4. Give him his wish and send him to a real top secret base... e.g. Digby :)

  5. Have some humourless person phone him at work to threaten his career over his internet antics.

  6. Ignore it. Its not like he beheaded a cow or anything.

  1. It may well be that rusty old "bog standard" Ford Escorts enter the depot, only to be released back onto the streets a few days later having engines modified in order to reach 150 mph and their brakes and suspensions up-rated to cope with that "little extra" under the bonnet!

    Can you do mine ?
  2. what's with the humuorless fatherless thing?

  3. 1771, and what time of night do you call this to be coming home young man? this isn't a hotel, you know!
  4. not my fault.....she blew me out so i came home...lol
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well actually I have to thank him, I have wondered what that building was as I take the train toward Waterloo into Vauxhall from out West, I didn't 'need to know'....but now I do.
  6. Yawn.....
    I thought everyone knew where the cars were serviced? Every part of HMG used to get their cars done there :roll:

    I see no-one mentioned the temp working for the CPS who was allowed to use an Astra estate, took it home one night and crashed head on into a police car in Camden whilst drunk. Arrested and then found to be a member of a well known republican organisation 8O Turns out we were lucky he hadnt realised how close he had been to Thatcher's car whilst in the workshops and had just been trying to earn some spare cash.
  7. oh..the one with all the satallite dishes...

    ssshhhhhhhh..quick, put your tin foil on.....
  8. Can you lot not type so fast?

    Takes ages to jot your comments down, translate them to russian / Syrian / Iranian / North Korean then encode them and transmit them.

    Guy has to earn some extra cash somehow you know :)
  9. it is nice to see that even in a lighthearted poll like this, people would rather he was bummed to death by hairy paras or thrown in the tower... than sent to Digby.

    some things you just don't joke about.
  10. delete the words "out" and "home" and that was a pretty good night :lol:
  11. What can I say, gotta pay the mortgage some how!!!

    BTW, Not 3 Para Mortars again please, anything but that. I have only just managed to walk again.
  12. what can i say mate, you know how it works. when the votes are in and counted, we have to go with what the public decide :lol:

    maybe you should be frantically creating new identities and voting for your favourite?

    surprised how many voted for the rather esoteric cow option!
  13. That was probably you with numerous identities, anything to take the cow related heat off yourself!!!!!!
  14. i can't answer that question sir.