Eye Tiddily Eye-tie Silvio banged up!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Well they had to do something pretty quickly. There will almost certainly be another general election soon in Italy, and Berlesconi started to make a comeback in the last one. He is a clown, but quite a lot of the Italian electorate seem to like him, and that will not do.
  2. He will never serve a day in prison. The 'appeals' process will guarantee that.
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  3. Correct, the judiciary have been after him for years, many just see it as a leftwing plot.
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  4. If you spend much time in Italy, it's rather interesting to note how many people now hanker after the good old days of Il Duce.
  5. He's even got his own vineyards it seems, as does his buddy Adolph.
  6. knowing the eyeties I wouls imagine his 'imprisonment' will consist of being 'Confined to Barracks' ie, his mansion for 2 hours a day for a year. And
  7. It's a f-ing opera - never will end and nothing happens!
  8. Grand Ole Opry amigo. As someone already remarked in another thread, - "like a badly written C&W song" :)
  9. I live in Italy and for sure he has his supporters , even the way you pronounce village names can identify you as a fascist or communist, a bit bizarre. You see his image in bars, mostly frequented by old timers. Its still a sore subject though to many, pitting brother against brother, its not a subject about which I ever ask, sure if someone discusses it I listen but never start a conversation about it, it tends to get a bit heated.

    I do wonder if some charismatic person stood up and ran on a fascist ticket what would happen.
  10. Well, he did make the trains run on time. And he gave the Mafia a right shoeing.:threaten:

    A Rugby fan as well, IIRC, as well as keen Fencer. Chap wasn't all bad.^_^
  11. I notice that you always take the concilatory, rather conservative approach:)
  12. It's amazing how many appeals a few million euros can buy you.
  13. I once (late 1990s) had to do a customer visit to a one-horse town north of Turin and on the way north from the autostrada there were still stencils of Musso on the walls of some villages.

    Still, a couple of years in an Eytie nick and his bum would be the same size as his ego....