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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by james90, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi
    I have had laser eye surgery but havent disclosed it to the army,i heard stories that it could affect my chances of joining,especially due to the way things are at present,i had the surgery 12 months ago,does anybody know for sure if they will spot that ive had surgery when i have my eye exam,has anyone been in the same situation and go in or know of anyone who has?

  2. Surely it will be on your medical records? Don't the people doing the surgery send a copy to your GP?
    Anyway, it depends on the type of surgery you had, how it took and what job you are applying for. Best not keep it a secret.
  3. Keep it a secret, you'll be fine
  4. Any half decent optician will be able to spot the post-operative scarring left behind by the surgery.

    Come clean - if you lie & get into the army & get found out, you could be prosecuted for Obtaining a Pecuniary Advantage by Deception.

    Should have kept the glasses, four eyes.
  5. no theres no record of me having it done i gave a fake doctors name and address,and there was nothing on my med records of me having it done or having any eye problems etc,i had lasek,the form of surgery thats advised and heals well,no flap cut just drops that soften the surface of the eye
    thanks for your replys !
  6. Keep your trap shut, you'll be fine
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    See, you need to watch you don't lose sight of the big picture here.
    For you see the Army could see through your lies, then you would become a right sight.
    So don't try to pull the wool over the eyes of your Recruiting office, for they see right through you.
  8. And keep an eye on you in future?
  9. So you intended to deceive from the start? Why even bother asking on here then?

    Your attitude is, to be honest, short sighted.
  10. You'll be blind soon anyway if you went to the sort of backstreet clinic that didn't even consult your GP or carry out the most basic of checks before carrying out the op.
    Today I discovered a whole new variety of stupid.
  11. when i said fake i was just keeping a long story short,ive recently moved and got a new doctor i was unsure of the correct name and address at the time,yes i intended to deceive from the start as i want to be in the army more than anything and having eye treatment lessens the chance of me getting in due to some of the armys stona age view on things,the people treating me were the very best i assure you,not optimax or some other backstreet company,i was just seeking closure on the matter as im close to going to glencourse and im hoping i get it
  12. You know those scopes Doctors look in your eyes with? Yup the ones with a light, well it'll jump out straight away when they look in your eyes.
  13. You've had an afternoon with Mdm Stella Artois haven't you !
  14. done some research,only lasik (flap cut) surgery is easily detectable without a slit lamp and drops,ive had lasek (no flap) cut and its more or less undetectable unless back of your eye is looked at with a fundus camers which isnt standard eye test procedure im sure,optometrists and opthalmologists say so anyway,good enough for me
  15. The following conditions make a person permanently unsuitable for entry into the services:

    Eye disorders
    Glaucoma; keratoconus; retinitis pigmentosa; double vision; visual field defects; corneal grafts or recurrent corneal ulcers; cataract or cataract surgery; detached retina; vision only in one eye; squint surgery in the previous six months; laser eye surgery in the previous 12 months.

    Once the 12 months is up, no worries