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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bigfix, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. When I apply for the army, do they do an eyesight test or do they just use my prescription that I already have? Also if they do do a test will they test my eyes with glasses/contacts on or with them off or both?

    Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

  2. They will do an eye test as part of your medical when you go to ADSC, you're not allowed to wear your contacts for at least 2 days before you go up there.

    They will just do a standard check of can which lines you can read off the board without your glasses and then with them on. They won't check your sight with your contacts in just with and without your glasses.
  3. Oh, Okay. I don't currently own contacts. Personally I prefer glasses and I'm hoping that if I pass everything and make it into the Army I will be able to get issue glasses.

    I'm just really concerned that my eyesight will stop me, but hey. I'll hope for the best. With my glasses on I can see fine, atleast I think :D.

  4. When you apply for the Army they will give you a form that you need to take to your optitions to fill in about the strength of your glasses. This is then sent along with your medical report to the doctors at ADSC and they will say if you are OK to join and what jobs you cannot do, for instance pilot.

    Don't worry about it, your sight has to be really bad for them to reject you.
  5. Oh okay, I'm going for the Infantry, The Royal Anglian Regiment. I'm taking it I stand quite a high chance of getting in though. However there is always a possibility that I may get deferred/barred.
  6. No you don't. Trust me.
  7. Oh, okay fair enough. Thanks for that :p. And why not :p?
  8. Do you no the prescription of your glasses?
  9. I would hazard that they're shite
  10. Oh, but surely there better than using my personal ones when training and such?
  11. A couple of moons ago when I joined and the little money we did get paid was used for beer tokens, you couldn't afford to buy glasses at the opticians. Thats why I used to have to wear the issue (read NHS) glasses.
    They were horrible and made you look a right bellend (as if being ginger wasn't enough).
    They were meant to be stronger than normal glasses but I went through them like toffees, breaking off the arms and the bridge and using more tape than Jack Duckworth. So I never wore them and bumped into stuff a lot.

    I can afford proper glasses now.
  12. Fair enough, thanks for the advice ;).
  13. Issue spec's lost mine just after training and never went back for another pair, but if you like the look of these:


    they'll be right up your street!
  14. Can't wait to get my pair! :D