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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kiiii, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. hello

    just done a eye test and have been told that i am short sighted and was wonderin if this would effect my choice of fusiliers :?
    everything else about my eyes are ok
    went down to the army office aswell but he could not give me any info on it

    the distance of my eyes says

    dist sph
    right -1.00
    left -1.00
    which means short sighted i think

    and my aided va

    says 6/6 for boith eyes

    so will bein short sighted effect my chances of gettin in the fusiliers

    hopefully not
  2. It might cause problems as you can't seem to find the letter g on the keyboard a lot of the time.
  3. no real problems, just have to wait till the enemy get a bit closer
  4. lol you c*nts serious answers please :D

    if you fail the eye test do they let you carry on or will they send you home
    my mate has told me that they letters are bigger on the army test and its easier then the board the opticians use
  5. Its ok, here's a cheat sheet, all the army opticians use the same chart....

  6. why dont you ask your recruier, quality but mate im new t this site tell me something?
    Is this site not here to help answer peoples questions and not having to ask you recruiter 202 questions! so do everyone a favour and leave out of it!
    Cheers Dude
  7. pal read my first post again
    i did say this (went down to the army office aswell but he could not give me any info on it )

    so thats why im askin it here
  8. Kiii your sight is fine its hardly anything, mine is very similar and no problems.
    With you being 6/6 it is a very minor 'defect' you don't even need to wear glasses, even if you optician says so, my mum is an optician and its just getting more money off you. You will probably grow out of it and your eyes will correct themselves overtime.

    I think the max is +/-6.00 in right and +/-7.00 in left for this so your absolutely miles away because even if you were towards +/-6.00 you would need jam jars.
  9. Dont worry about it too much mate.

    By the time the enemy gets close enough for you to see them, some one else will have saved you a*s and killed them.


    On a serious note, their is an opticians form to the RG8, your medical form, the optician has to fill it out for you, and it says what their limits are, asking if your eyesight is outside these limits. Get this, take it to the op, get it filled in and your fine
  10. You can see 20/20, you'll have a weapon with an optical sight......if you have a problem nearly everyone has a problem.

    For the modern world your prescription is nearly perfect - when you hit 40 and the lens of your eye hardens up you'll still be able to read maps without specs.

    The backs of your eyes and brain must be good. I'll wager with your specs you can see 6/4, maybe 6/3. If they knock you back on the basis of this they would be nuts.
  11. cheers gobbyidiot LittleD