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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Track_Link, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Right... Got me ITC on Annual Camp this August. Am sure this has been done to death, but I cant be arrsed searching any more..

    So... Am I ok to take me comfy stuff? (stove, thermalite etc) or do I have to pretend I'm a sprog and make do with the basics - 58 Webbing etc?

    Also, what do I need to study? Am shite at M&C, shite at the CadetGP but quite good at drinking.

    Answers on a postcard please.
  2. Take whatever you feel nesesary to bring,

    they will only be assesing your ability to teach Cadets and showing you methods of doing things,

    what CTT is taking you?

    But try not take too much gucci kit as you will be in great stead for a cabbage humping from the DS.
  3. No idea... Plan to take the kit I spent many hours learning was the right thing to carry - am happy to slog it out in 58 pattern, but wasn't sure how it all works.
  4. By that I mean the course.. Not the webbing :wink:
  5. Try and aviod the 58' its at least a few years older than grass,

    the most fieldwork you will do is a 24 hr exercise and a night nav.

    speak to your CAA and just go with the kit list you were issued along with your joining instructions.

    you are not expected to know everything and if you have done any kind of PI Induction etc then the training staff would determine whether you are suitable to go for ITC.

    If you have any doubts call your county HQ / Bn HQ or the CTT thats taking the course and they will/should be more than happy to help you.
  6. the first few days is mainly death by powerpoint then the exercise and you will then do your own teaching practises. Which will defo be SAA and one other which would be either M&Compass or Drill.
  7. ive recently come back off my aitc. i took most of my own kit e.g. webbing, bergan and the like. depends on the CTT taking you
    the webbing is only used for the SAA, fieldcraft and your exercise.

    as for the gucci kit take it if it makes you feel comfy. (what i was told)

    i wouldnt worry to much about M+C we only scrathed the surface but youll have some prep time before you do your lessons.

    you should have done your WHT in the GP before you go.

    which camp are you going to?

  8. WHT's are compulsory to be done at the ITC as ideally PI's should not have had a weapons handling test done prior to this.

    If its in August you are doing it there is high chance that you will be on the A2's by then.

    Once you have passed your ITC your are still not qualified to teach any cadet on any weapon system as you are not officially a qualified SAA Instructor this would have to be done on a seperate course. Possibly at Brecon.
  9. Camp is being held at Crowborough, cheers for the tips. I'll make sure to get some time on the GP and revise some M&C

  10. I was on short range course in February and was advised by SASC Major that once an adult had passed their basic ITC course and WHT then they could teach on the cadet GP rifle (conversion course would be required for A2 when it comes in and WHT would have to be current) To send all AI on an SAA or Brecon course is just not logistically achievable and wholly impracticable.
  11. Ref Gucci kit, take what you need for a short exercise, there are no extra points for being uncomfortable.
    Remember that you are only out for one or two nights so there is no need for packing every thing.

    Ref lessons, your det should be able to provide lesson plans and crib sheets for most lessons.
    If you get prior warning as to what lessons you have to do i am sure there are plenty of Arrsers who will help you out if you ask.

    Good luck.
  12. To be able to instruct SAA a CFAV must attend and pass the AI course at CTC Frimley Park. The SASC Major was incorrect and ill informed.
  13. Ok i sit corrected, it may have been my mis-interpretation of it. On that note ive been trying to get on my AITC at Frimley for the last 2 years but bids have not been successful. Now trying to get on one later this year.
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