Eye tattoos? Hard core.

My pal has got 'punk rock' on the underside of his bottom lip, believe it or not it looks pretty ace, especially because in the real world he is a white collar worker bee..


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He's skinny, bald and ginger.

It's not like getting a tat on his eye is going to inhibit his chances of pulling any further.
what tattoo artist does eyeballs fucking freaks
Seems to be an East European thing, supposedly 'earned' in gangster circles by those who have murdered a police officer. Bit like the spiderweb tats on the knee(s) in China.
ad an appointment with my optometrist a week or so ago and took along a printout of a (different) news story with a photo of a tatted eyeball. Both the doctor and his assistant cringed at the sight of it.
Jesus christ and all his fish eating muckers..........

I have nothing against people getting a few tatts, I myself have loads, but when you see a man that has tattoo'd himself to look like a skull/half dead corpse thing, I think its fair to say that he is never going to go seeking gainful employment again. His brushes with the law will become more frequent, he will scare old people and be looked upon by the great majority of people as something of a freak.
In that case then, the leccie chair should be his only destination on the basis that his contribution to society can and will only ever be, from this day forward, to look like a cunt.
When I think of those who've been damaged or born with facial deformaties and birthmarks, and who go through life being pointed at and ridiculed, and then cnuts like this deface themselves deliberately? He should be strapped into a mocked-up Hurricane, be doused in AVGAS and set on fire. 'There you go feller. Happy now?' What an utter wanker.
It is going in to the white of the eye, nott he actual bit that sees.

The Sclera (greek meaning hard/hard boilled egg) is quite apt. As the white bit is the strongest, and thickest part of the eye... it keeps the shape and all the working arts in place.

But, pierce it, and all manner of dramas can befall the owner. Not neccesarily to the sclera but to the juicy goodness inside.

I'd imagine you'd have to trust the 'eye tatooist' a fair bit.

This isn't the limit of 'body modification' in USA... sometimes it seriously detours in to 'surgery' territory.
met a lass at a tattoo show in Essen recently called Julia Gnause (something like that) who was at the time the most tattooed female on earth, with around 95% of her body (inc face) tattooed. she had a bad skin complexion that wouldn't heal and was a source of embarressment for her, and to aliviate the shame she felt about her complexion, she turned to tattooing. perhaps not the most sound medical solution but she seemed happy enough in her world as a minor celeb on the tattoo circuit and she certainly wasn;t harming anyone.

not my choice, but each to their own, eh?


Yep I would - right up thy pumpenholen!
Yep... another candidate for the burning Hurricane.

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