Eye Surgery

Morning all,

Right quick one, Fed up wearing glasses, yes they help me to see but
total pain in the Arse, running, CBRN etc etc etc..
Anything to stop me having my eyes zapped to make me see??!!!
Want to loose the Glasses big time, hoping to get on another tour later this year and cant be doing with these dam glasses.

Thanks All

Shreck :D
I think you'd find yourself downgraded for a while possibly putting off hopes of a tour this year. I had mine done with lasik before joining and they have worked out great. I do know at least one bloke whos had them done whilst already in and he was definately downgraded, not sure how long for. I shall try and find out for you when I see him if you don't get the answer on here, or you haven't spoken to your medical officer by then.
HI Mr Nurse,

Not spoken with MO as yet thought I would ask here first as its there is great wealth of knowlege on here, Dont really want to get down graded
as like you say that will knacker tour this year! Be good if you could find out any info pls.

Thanks Shreck
Could do but only worry is, my eye sight test at Chilwell prior to deploying again a sudden change in eye sight!! from poor to 20/20 !


War Hero
Pay £3000 and get Wavefront done - it's the best going.

I know an army doctor who has had it done - that's good enough for me! I'm going to get it done when I have the cash.
Don't do it. I've spoken to several optometrists, and they all say don't - the technology is improving practically daily, so wait a year or so. How often do your hear an optician talk about his/her own experience? Also, if you choose to go ahead with it, be very careful which type you have, as the Army frowns on several types. I've also heard, as someone has already said, you will be downgraded for at least a year, so that puts the kibosh on any tours for at least the next couple. I'm a speccy git too, but I wear contacts - word for the wise, don't ever wear a pair of daily disposals on a 4 day exercise... That one hurt. I'm hopefully deploying to Afghan later this year, so I'm gonna find out a bit more about glasses/contacts, I see you mentioned the sand!
I had LASEK a few months ago, went ahead without the army knowing and have got to say it is possibly the best thing i have ever had done. i have better then 20/20 vision.
The army seems to have no set policy on it yet as usual they are behind the times. the only problem i came across was the first week i could hardly see at work, but after 4-5 weeks it wont affect you at all,
plus i have just had my PULHEEMS reviewed and as you can guess my eye sight improved and no-one was even bothered
Thanks phantom, this has been discussed to death on here (often by me) but I've never seen that JSP until now. :roll:

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