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Eye surgery - policy on enlistment

Can anyone out there advise me what the policy is on TA entry when you have had intra ocular surgery? Am thinking of re-joining (was in years ago) but have since had surgery on my left eye (not laser surgery for eyesight correction) after an accident. I just about reach the visual standard but I'm not sure if I would be rejected anyway. Can anyone help?

Just lean forwards, squint, memorize the letters as you walk in... or do what... errr... a friend did and wear your contacts, hey if they dont ask thier loss!
When you have your medical tell the doctor and they will send you off to the opticians for an eye test to see if your vision meets the necessary standard.
If you make the grade, and pose no medical risk to yourself... or to others... why give them anything they can turn into a problem? Or do I miss the point?
Thanks - good point. Just wasn't sure if there was some sort of list of conditions that preclude entry. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

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