Eye Spy- CH4

Anyone watch this? I found it fuckin' funny. It is along the lines of 'trigger happy tv' in the guise of testing Britain's morale courage.
There was a homophobic waiter, sexist (men only/ women only) parking spaces, racist security guard etc. If you missed it and fancy a laugh you can watch it on 4OD.
Watched it twice and it's interesting viewing.

What looks a little odd is that all the restaurant sets appear to be frequented by teenagers or twenty something's. The demographics looka little too staged. I wonder if the 'customers' are selected by some voucher/discount scheme?

I reckon a restaurant full of pensioners would probably agree with the waiter when the gay couple came in. They would have probably joined in heckling the guys

"'Ere Doris, which one do you reckon takes it ***********?"
"Ooh Eric, you are a card!"

or the week before . .

"Too right, those nig-nogs shouldn't be mixing with our white blokes. Never happened in my day!"

The bouncer giving the Asians guys a hard time appeared a bit odd. Personally I would ignore my granny getting battered if it meant that I wouldn't get refused entry to somewhere :)
The restaurants were a bit 'trendy' IMO but you could be right. I was looking at it from it's comedy value really. I loved the silly bitch in the 'sexist parking spaces' who said that men have smaller brains, then the attendant pointed out that she had left her car keys in the door!


Very entertaining and obviously meant to be funny, however - must be a set-up and the jo public guinea pigs are planted. Aside from that one gets a bit sick of moralising PC rubbish without getting it in the front room , TV is so bloody awful these days.

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