EYE SIGHT !!!!!!!

Hello chaps...

Joining the STABs at the moment and have got -3.25 eye sight in both... obviously they won't let my dog in,and a stick may look a little strange.

Therefore i'm forced to rely on contect lenses. My WO told me not to worry? But i'm thinking of practical issues and more to the point field conditions.

Do you know what the view is with respect to contact lenses officially? I'm considering buying some combat/sports specs ie Pres Oakley types but again before shelling out don't know what the offical line is.

Any advice would as always be most appreciated.
you should get a pair of issued specs a while after joing and passing. Contact ok for most things but may have to come out for CBRN training - depending on your instructor.
Didn't think laser was an option mate for the MOD.

Plus i've got no bottle!!!!

So contacts ok for most, whats your views on the bins? Would they be ok in an Infantry unit?

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